Meals on tours

Chinese cuisine has a tremendous range of flavors and styles. Whatever your taste is, there’s something that satisfies you. It’s based on color, taste, and aroma—it should be beautiful to the eye, flavorful, and fragrant.” And it offers up flavors to suit virtually any palate. 

When touring

We will try to avoid restaurants frequented by tourists, but take you to smaller local places with good, authentic food and ambience. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided; there will be a mix of Western and Chinese meals.

When camping 

Food will be prepared using our pre-packed ingredients together with fresh local produce whenever available. Sufficient boiled drinking water will be supplied throughout the trip. 

Breakfast - Cereals, eggs to order - usually scrambled eggs or fried eggs, toast or babas(local pancakes), honey or peanut butter, tea or coffee. 

Lunch - Potatoes, boiled ham, babas(local pancakes) or bread, fruit, Cheese, boiled eggs, chocolate bars.

Tea break at camp - usually there will be tea, biscuits and dry fruit.

Evening meal - Rice, several dishes of vegetable and meat, tea or coffee.

It should be understood that on long strenuous treks some of the food items would not last the whole distance, such as eggs and fresh vegetables. 

Fresh meat(chicken, mutton) occasionally is bought from villages enroute.

The trek cooks are trained to prepare the food hygienically and water is provided for you to wash your hands before mealtimes.

Customers enjoy very much our picnics, and many other choices of cuisine. 

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