China is the third largest country in terms of area. Numerous historical monuments scattered across the vast territory. The vast land of this country also hosts various natural landscapes, such as the Three Parallel Rivers National Park, the Silk Road, Tibet and Yunnan. Please use the following sketch lines to plan your trips to China.

1. The Silk Road

It takes about 10-14 days to visit the Chinese Silk Road, trip may start from Beijing or Xi'an, go west to Dunhuang and Xinjiang. You may fly out of China from either Urumqi or Kasgar.

2. Central China, ancient cultural cities

Visit Beijing, Datong and Xi'an, those are the best places to experience ancient Chinese Han culture and many historical sites.

It will take you around 10 -12 days to have a wonderful tour in central China.

3. Tibet and Mt. Everest Base Camp

Needless to say, that's one of the top destinations of China. Challenge yourself with some high altitudes on the rooftop of the world but the reward can be fantastic.

It will take you 1-12 days to visit central Tibet, and a few more days if you want to explore a bigger part of western and eastern Tibet where only adventurous travelers go.

4. Southeast China

It is where the colorful ethnic groups live, you may expect to see minority people dressed in beautiful costumes and visit their wonderful architectures. 

It will take a 7-10 days, however you can combine any other areas of China with your tour to Guizhou and Guilin.

5. Southwest China

As said by “”lonely planet", southwest China has the best of China to visit. Yunnan is definitely one of the most ethnically fascinating and scenically stunning provinces in all of China. It will take you 10-14 days to visit this wonderful province.

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