• Best week long cycling tour

    Tour de Jade Dragon

    Our Jade Dragon Tour starts from the world heritage town of Lijiang in southwest China. On this biking journey you can expect extraordinary hill climbing and unique culture experience of the ethnic groups. Experience the extraordinary natural wonder Jade Dragon Mountain and Tiger Leaping Gorge-the deepest gorge in the world with …

  • China classic hiking tour

    China for hikers

    The Chinese word for China is “Zhongguo”. It literally means “Center of Countries” or “The Middle Kingdom”. On this fascinating journey you experience the many facets of China, from the famous sights to the more obscure experiences. From the capital city of Beijing, where you explore all the major places of interest, includ…

  • Terraced Fields and Tiger Leaping Gorge

    Yunnan Hiking Tour

    Yunnan province in southwest China borders Vietnam, Laos and Burma. It is regarded as the most culturally diverse province, with a multitude of fascinating minority groups. This is one of Chinas most exquisite areas, with mountains rising out of forest canopies, graceful women in colorful printed skirts, and young boys in their g…

  • best hiking tour in southwest China

    Kawakarpo Hiking Tour

    In NW Yunnan province and Southwestern corner of Tibet is the Tibetan sacred mountain Kawa Karpo. The peak is known to Tibetans throughout the Himalayas as far east as Ladakh, as a sacred mountain. They revere it as the eastern most abode of Shri Chakrasamvara, also known as Khorlo Demchok. This same Buddhist deity is also though…

  • Self-Guided Cycling Tours

    Vehicle supported cycling

    Self guided cycling tours are offered to cyclists who want to be on their own but with a support vehicle. There wont be a a language guide cycling with you but an experienced driver/mechanic to support you, He/She will transport your luggage ( or sometimes you and your bicycles ) and prepare your snacks or tea breaks every day. Y…

  • Most wanted Cycling tour in China

    Yunnan Cycling Tour

    Yunnan is definitely one of the most ethnically fascinating and scenically stunning provinces in all of China. Home to 25 of Chinas minority groups and over half of all Chinas plant and animal species - it is easy to understand why Yunnan is highly favored by all kinds of travelers. On this biking journey you can expect extraordi…

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