Tibet and the Himalayas

Himalaya translates from Sanskrit as "Snow Land", and its white arc of peaks is visible from space. This geological giant sweeps from the Pakistan-India border, past Nepalese peaks, Bhutanese villages and the Tibetan Plateau, to taper down into China's Yunnan province.

A fascinating mountain culture flourishes amid the peaks of the Himalaya, imbued with the rich spirituality of Tibetan Buddhism. Follow the footsteps of Tibetan pilgrims on an epic journey across the Tibetan Plateau to the soaring crags of Mount Everest. Capture the timeless atmosphere of monasteries and mountain villages on a photography expedition, or challenge yourself with a once-in-a-lifetime trek to Everest Base Camp. From the lively streets of Kathmandu to the iconic Potala Palace in Lhasa, experience the essence of the Himalaya. 

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