• world's largest terraced fields listed on UNESCO heritage
  • Yading nature reserve
  • Tibet Mt. Everest Kangshung Face trekking
  • Jiayuguan pass, the west end of the great walls
  • world heritage town of lijiang
  • ethnic minority tour in southwest china
  • Cycling in yunnan
  • van supported cycling tours
  • old town of kashgar, once the fabled oasis on the silk road
  • A must see of China, the terra cotta army site
  • journey on the silk road and camel back treks in Taklimakan desert
  • great wall hiking tour
  • hiking to the stone city in the yangtse gorge
  • tibet trekking tour
  • tailored made family tours in china
  • trekking tours in eastern tibet
  • jade dragon mountain cycling
  • Mount haba at 5396m,trekking peak in southwest china
  • trekking tour to Kham tibetan region

  • China highlights made for families

    China for Family

    ✥Forbidden City
    ✥Temple Of Heaven
    ✥Practising Taichi
    ✥Visit Hutong on pedicar
    ✥Walk on the Great Wall
    ✥Terra Cotta Army & City Wall
    ✥Visit Lijaing world heritage site
    ✥Visit Songzanlin Monastery
    ✥Shanghai Yuyuan Gardens
    ✥Forbidden City
    ✥Temple Of Heaven
    ✥Great Wall
    ✥Terra Cotta Army
    ✥Giant Panda
    ✥Lijiang world heritage
    ✥Dali Old City
    ✥Yangshuo and Li river.

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