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Private journeys and tailor made trips :

OPTION 1. Choose one of
our existing trips, select a date and make it your own.

OPTION 2.  Choose one, two or three of our existing trips, select a date and make a combination.

OPTION 3.  Throw us a rough idea of what you want. We come up with the rest.

Please tell us what you want to see and experience.

  • Visit traditional Bai & Naxi villages in Yunnan.

  • Hike on the Great Wall.

  • Trek in the deepest gorges in the world.

  • Cycle on the back roads of China.

  • Spend a night in a yurt in Xinjiang. 

  • Follow the pilgrims circumambulating a Tibetan Sacred Mountain. 

  • Experience the life style of tribal ethnics in Guizhou.

    Come with us to visit the splendor of China. We will take your from the mountains of Tibet to the tropical jungles of Xishuang Banna, from the historic monuments of Eastern China to tribal fairs of Yunnan. Be it a climbing experience or to witness a Tibetan Cham Dance. Please contact us for your next great travel in China!

Group Size: You may travel alone, bring your friends or family.

Departure dates:  You may choose your own dates.

Tour Leader: An experienced English speaking tour leader can accompany your whole trip nation wide.

Accommodation: Any style and budget to suit your needs and we will do our best to find the best options in every place from local guesthouses to comfortable hotels.

Meals: Meals can be as inclusive or exclusive as you desire. Your guide will provide suggestion of good restaurants.

Email us and see what we can do for you!

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