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Who we are:
Activechina is a company of experienced guides and travelers dedicated to serving you. Established in 2001 and still growing, ActiveChina offers treks, cycling tours, family trips, and many distinctive, ecologically sensitive journeys throughout China. We are constantly innovating, searching out new adventures, and finding ways to improve established trips. 

Where we are:
We are based in Kunming City, Yunnan Province in southwest China. Yunnan borders Vietnam, Laos and Burma. It is regarded as the most culturally and geographically diverse province, with a multitude of fascinating minority groups.

Why with us:
We care about you and your holiday. We strive to make your trip in China worth every penny you pay. We are old hands of China being in travel business for over 12 years. Our trips are reasonably priced, they are comfortable and affordable. We trips are interesting, small sized, well planned and responsible. There's no hidden cost in the price, you will expect hassle free holidays. We take you to sample local fine cuisine but not tourist restaurants' factory food. We put unique nature and culture experience in your itinerary but not shopping tours. We are 100% locals and we support local schools and students through Yunnan America Foundation and sometimes our money goes directly to trail maintenance and bridge building in the villages. It means your money stays here if you travel with us.

Our history:
It was the summer of 1998 when founder of ActiveChina Jia Xu guided his first trip on a photographing tour to northwestern Yunnan. He was fascinated by the splendor of nature the unique minority cultures of the region. He then did an overland expedition from Kunming to Lhasa and pioneered a trek to the Konkalin Peaks which is now Yading Nature Reserve. In the following years Jia trekked, cycled and photographed with his clients, partners and international tour leaders in many remote places of China. Many of them became friends with him and kept returning to China to visit this wonderful country. Jia's life and career were build upon providing adventure travels to active travelers from all over the world looking to get off the beaten path in China. Jia was inspired to start his own travel business dedicated to offering high quality, hassle free, responsible and active travels to China's most remote and unique destinations. His passion and understanding of adventure travel became the slogan of the company: ActiveChina "for the active travelers"

Our staff, partners and guides:  
As we operate travel business nation wide in a big country like China, we have to admit we can't provide seamless tour arrangement without the teamwork of dozens of like minded tour operators and excellent guides. Our tour operators are based locally all over China, they are experts of their region and very experienced in travel business. Many of us have worked as partners for over 10 years in travel business and we are still passionate in what we do. Whatever ActiveChina promises to you here is what they will deliver to you there.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to seeing you in China!





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